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We seek life transformation in Christ for everyone,

growing together through Worship, Discipleship, and Service.


We do this by committing to-


We gather to remember and celebrate who God is, unifying our personal worship.


We study the scriptures and encourage each other to be open to the activity of God which transforms our lives.


We join with God’s engagement in the world by using our gifts, talents and resources as the Kingdom of God becomes a reality wherever we are.

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Where Can I Serve?

Jesus told us, his disciples, to make disciples of all nations. One of the most important values of Glendora Community Church is service. It begins in our own community, and spreads overseas to every nation. GCC  members are involved in a wide variety of ministries locally and inernationally.

Check our our Get Involved page to see where you might begin serving.


A note from Mike Platter, Senior Pastor of GCC…

We definitely believe that Jesus is the Answer to the spiritual needs of the individual and of the world.  We believe that God wants each local church to be an avenue through which the love and power of Jesus can reach others.  Therefore, as a neighborhood church, we want to be focused on following Jesus and on being useful to Him in loving others.

There’s a story about Jesus which gives an almost perfect picture of what we believe. It is found in the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 6 and begins with verse 44.  He has been preaching to a crowd which had followed him out to a deserted area.  After preaching, he knew they were hungry, but there was no nearby place to get any food for them.  Someone brought him a bit of food, some bread and some fish.  Jesus prayed over the bread and then distributed it to everyone.  Because of the power of His faith and His touch, that small amount of food fed 5,000 people!

We find our church in that story.  We are the person who handed over the little bit of bread and fish – we believe that Jesus wants to use our small amount of talents and gifts to bless others.  We are also sometimes the hungry people in the story – and we have learned to look to Jesus for what we need and to share with one another of our resources.  And, sometimes we are the bread and fish itself – we believe that He will actually use our lives to touch others with His love.

That’s who we are trying to be:  people who follow Jesus, trust Him, and let ourselves be available to love others as His love flows through our lives.


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psalm 51 Create in me
August 7, 2016, Rev. Mike Platter
How Can I Face My Failures?
Sunday Sermon on Psalm 32
Blog Day 1 on Psalm 51
The question is: How Can I Face My Failures? Psalm 51 gives to all of us a pathway of confession and repentance. Because the Psalms are inspired as God’s Word, then we can remember that this psalm is God helping us to know that spiritual failure is not the last word in our relationship with God. Years ago, a Christian artist wrote a song called “Boundless Love.” Here is its chorus:

“Boundless love, unending joy; this is my life, it’s what I know.

                I can’t believe that He selected me, Jesus, my Lord, it’s You I owe.”


Look at the way the Psalm begins: it begins by reminding God Who He truly is:
“You have steadfast love; you have abundant mercy” (vs 1, 2)

When you come to a God whose mercy is always enough, and whose love is constant and unfailing, your spiritual life will be about Boundless Love and unending joy. Sin has its painful interruptions in our story, but it is never the last word. God’s love is always the last word.



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July 31, 2016, Rev. Mike Platter
Why is this World Such a Mess?
Psalm 9
psalm 2 inheritance

Psalm Two

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Psalm Two
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Psalm Two
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psalm 2 inheritance

Psalm Two

Day 1

The question is: Why is this world so messed up? Psalm 9 was the key I used for preaching this past Sunday, but Psalm 2 will provide more food for thought this week.

The psalm begins with an assumption: Nations seek power. They want to be free to pursue their own destiny and enact their own laws. While I write these words, the USA is in the midst of the two major political party conventions. Each of the candidates talk about “serving the people” – but let’s keep in mind that politicians are seeking power. Psalm 2 reminds us that there is already a Power upon the throne – that power is God and God’s anointed King. But, the nations did not want to accept that back in Ancient Israel’s day and they still want to pursue their own path.  

For you and I, there is a King on the throne. That King knows how to rule fairly and rightly. Today, do you choose to follow the King’s pathways? It will not always be easy, but, following the King is the pathway that is secure – even in a messed-up world.


Psalm Two

psalm 2 inheritanceDay 2

Psalm 2 is one of several “royal songs” – you and I would think of this as a “coronation song.” Psalm 2 tells us that there is a God who is righteous, and who sits on the throne of Heaven. And, on earth God has installed a King to rule this world – that King is God’s Anointed, the Messiah. Psalm 2 paints the picture of the new King who has been seated upon His throne in pomp and celebration – and now all present should pay respect and homage to that new King.

Years ago I heard Rev. E. V. Hill, the fantastic preacher of Downtown L.A.’s large AME Church. He had been asked to speak at the White House, and, after the sermon, to have a “sit-down-meeting” with the President. After the sermon, he was being led to meet the President, but first asked if he could have a moment to call his mother before walking into the Oval Office. When his mother answered the phone, E.V. Hill said, “Mother, I want you to guess where I am right now!” She didn’t recall. He proudly said, “Mom, your little boy just preached at the White House, and now I’m going into the Oval Office to meet the President! Can you believe it?”   Rev. Hill was unprepared for what his mother said next: “Son, I raised you to stand every day before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, before the Creator of the Universe. Every morning when you pray, that’s “Who” you are meeting with. Anywhere else, any ONE else, is always a step down!”

Today, you and I have the privilege of hearing God’s Word, praying and meeting with God’s Anointed King in the throne-room of the Universe. Yes, the World may be messed up, but we have a personal relationship with the “One” who can pull victory from the jaws of defeat!


psalm 2 inheritance

Psalm Two

Day 3

It is easy to miss – there is a little truth placed in Psalm 2 which often encourages me.   The world is messed up because the nations want power but not God’s righteous leadership and judgment. But, God has installed His Son, the King, on the throne of this world. Then, God tells the Son an interesting thing: (vs 8) “Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession…”   How fantastic is that? God says to Jesus, “Do you want the world’s nations to eventually become yours? Do you want your Righteous rule to define the life of all human beings?”

What does Jesus have to do to achieve this amazing miracle: the healing and redeeming of the World? He must “Ask of God”. That’s what we call prayer. This is so amazing to me – the world is redeemed by our asking, and God’s answering!   It is the power to ask of God – to pray and believe – that will bring peace to the world. If Jesus Himself is commanded to pray, how much more will prayer need to be a part of our lives?


Psalm 32 – How Can I Face My Failures?
On-line Blog : Psalm 51

Sermon Notes

July 24, 2016, Rev. Mike Platter
What is God Like?
Psalm 23
Psalms_8 Lord our Lord

Psalm Eight

Day 1

Psalm Eight

Day 2

Psalm Eight

Day 3
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Psalm Eight

Day 1

Psalms_8 Lord our Lord
What is God like? Psalm 23 tells us that God is a Shepherd — close, personal, and loving. Psalm 8 tells us that God is Cosmic, Universal, and Powerful.
God is majestic — that Hebrew word means “impressive.” The psalm reminds us to think of the night sky. The stars, planets and galaxies are created by the Lord; the “work of God’s fingers” — think of it! The task of creating a universe didn’t even take the strength of God’s arms nor hands, instead, the cosmos was spun out from God’s fingers.
In your reflection today about what God is like, find something that gives you a vision of vastness (the ocean? the desert? the mountains?). The psalmist says that the most vast place — the universe — reminds us of God’s “home”. The psalm asks, Then how small are we?
Take time, today, to imagine God in His Infiniteness, and realize that
you are still important
to this One!
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Psalm Eight

Day 2

Psalms_8 Lord our Lord
What does it mean, that humans are made a little lower than the heavenly beings?   It teaches us that we are given the opportunity for a special relationship with our Creator; not only is God “mindful” of us, but  God crowns us with glory and honor as the highest of the Creation order.  Everything is “below” us; but we must not forget that we are blessed with the “image of God” (Gen 2), and therefore, we act in this world as God acts.

We have the same mandate toward our fellow creatures as God does in this world — God rules and cares for the earth, and all He has made.  Psalm 8 reminds us that we act — on earth — as representatives of God’s will.  We have been made God’s ambassadors, carrying out His Will, His Values, His plan, for all his Creation — the earth, the seas, and all life within them.

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Psalm Eight

Day 3

Psalms_8 Lord our Lord

I’ve read that the first American astronaut in space claimed that he believed in God more completely after the trip than before.  I’ve read the oposite of  the first atheist astronaut, from the former Soviet Union, that he did not see any evidence of God: which confirmed

his rejection of Faith.   Both found their pre-conceived notions strengthened by their experience in the heavens.  This Psalm has a pre-conceived notion:  before any talk of mankind, the heavens, the beauty of the earth or the majesty of nature… God is first mentioned and first praised.  It begins with God — and it ends with God.   We are bookended into the middle of this great hymn to God’s Majesty.

That, itself, may be one of the best lessons about what God is like.  God is first and last, the Alpha and Omega.  You can ask God to place you into His Story — then you’ll have a future “a little lower than the angels.”   Your story has a beginning and an end.  God’s story has no end.  Today, may we all be thankful that we have been given the chance to belong to God’s Majestic, Never-Ending Reign!


Psalm 9 — Why is This World Such a Mess?                                                


On-line Blog:  Psalm 2 
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Psalm 73 is about a man who is doubting God because it seems that bad people do better in this life than good ones do.  This psalm reminds us that we can get too focused on the “horizontal” – life as we see it from our human level; that caused the Psalmist (Asaph) to almost stumble in his faith.  But, there is a “vertical” way of looking – life from God’s perspective.  Asaph found that he needed a “holy space” where his relationship to God, and his own commitment to integrity, can be nurtured.

Canon Pt 1 – Prof. Bobby Duke
Prof. Bobby Duke