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Our Mission

We seek life transformation in Christ for everyone,

growing together through Worship, Discipleship, and Service.


We do this by committing to-


We gather to remember and celebrate who God is, unifying our personal worship.


We study the scriptures and encourage each other to be open to the activity of God which transforms our lives.


We join with God’s engagement in the world by using our gifts, talents and resources as the Kingdom of God becomes a reality wherever we are.

Israel Thursday-Sunday 113
Mike Platter
Senior Pastor
Cheryl Farino
Children’s Director
Johnny & Tiffany
Johnny D
Associate & Youth Pastor
20160311_122810-1Brendan Cooney
Youth and Young Adult Pastor

Where Can I Serve?

Jesus told us, his disciples, to make disciples of all nations. One of the most important values of Glendora Community Church is service. It begins in our own community, and spreads overseas to every nation. GCC  members are involved in a wide variety of ministries locally and inernationally.

Check our our Get Involved page to see where you might begin serving.


A note from Mike Platter, Senior Pastor of GCC…

We definitely believe that Jesus is the Answer to the spiritual needs of the individual and of the world.  We believe that God wants each local church to be an avenue through which the love and power of Jesus can reach others.  Therefore, as a neighborhood church, we want to be focused on following Jesus and on being useful to Him in loving others.

There’s a story about Jesus which gives an almost perfect picture of what we believe. It is found in the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 6 and begins with verse 44.  He has been preaching to a crowd which had followed him out to a deserted area.  After preaching, he knew they were hungry, but there was no nearby place to get any food for them.  Someone brought him a bit of food, some bread and some fish.  Jesus prayed over the bread and then distributed it to everyone.  Because of the power of His faith and His touch, that small amount of food fed 5,000 people!

We find our church in that story.  We are the person who handed over the little bit of bread and fish – we believe that Jesus wants to use our small amount of talents and gifts to bless others.  We are also sometimes the hungry people in the story – and we have learned to look to Jesus for what we need and to share with one another of our resources.  And, sometimes we are the bread and fish itself – we believe that He will actually use our lives to touch others with His love.

That’s who we are trying to be:  people who follow Jesus, trust Him, and let ourselves be available to love others as His love flows through our lives.


Calendar of events and activities at GCC 


Church Calendar with Youth


From the Sunday Sermon August 21 in Psalm 27 “Why Does God Make Us Go to Church?”psalm 63 satisfied
Day 3
In Psalm 63:9, we are reminded that there is fear, concern, and threats to our lives – there certainly was in David’s life. But, being a part of
planned, purposeful worship within a community of fellow-believers can bolster our confidence, and can allow us to see and believe that God will take care of us. David says he “sings for joy in the shadow of God’s wings” (vs 7) and that he is confident that God will protect him from those who would destroy his life (vs 9).

So, he can rejoice – rejoice and be glad that God is the one who is Friend and Savior to him. That is our opportunity this week, and each week. To be purposeful about being in God’s presence; to be intentional about spending time with God in prayer… these are the things that are fueled by regular worship of God within the context and time-frame of a Community of Fellow-believers.   Yes, God does want us to go to church, mostly because God knows that we will see Him better, and come to love Him more, because of it.


Psalm 46 – What do I do with worry?

On-line Blog

: Psalm 131




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