Welcome to Glendora Community Church!


We invite people into life-transforming encounters with Christ, as we grow together in Worship, Discipleship, and Service.

We gather to remember and celebrate who God is, unifying our personal worship

We study the scriptures and encourage each other to be open to the activity of God which transforms our lives

We join with God’s engagement in the world by using our gifts, talents and resources as the Kingdom of God becomes a reality wherever we are


We Believe:

In one God – who exists in a relationship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

That God gave us his Word – the Old and New Testaments – to guide us into right living through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that the Bible is a reliable guide into the truth God wants us to know.

That we are separated from God because of sin; but through Jesus sin can be forgiven and new possibilities of relationship with God can begin.

That there is an afterlife in heaven for those who have come to know God through Jesus Christ.
That Jesus died for all, on the cross, and rose again so that we can have new life. We believe that this is for anyone, anywhere in the world who will trust Jesus as Savior.

That after we come to Jesus, we grow in his love and become more like God, bearing his image in our lives and our relationships.